Category: Websites / Duration: Ongoing / Budget:

Easyfun is a small startup focusing on providing an online and easy-to-use platform for ordering Chinese take-away. The previous developer of this project left it unfinished prior to my role as the lead developer.

  • Overtaking existing build on Smarty PHP framework
  • Completing implementation of jQuery/Ajax shopping cart features
  • UI overhaul with the introduction of Bootstrap v3 and website branding
  • Low-budget development with a punch
  • Ongoing development and feature integrations
  • Ongoing front-end UX A/B testing and deployment
  • Ongoing development, maintenance and technical support


Category: Websites / Duration: 1 Month / Budget:

Afromunch is a new start-up initiative which focuses on delivering African foods and ingredients through an easy-to-use online interface. This project required a budget design of a front-end interface which worked seamlessly on desktop browsers, tablets and mobiles.

  • Full front-end design, build and branding
  • Static homepage, restaurants page, marketplace, search page, checkout page and login modal
  • Built on Bootstrap v3
  • Fully mobile responsive for up to 4 viewpoint sizes
  • Low-budget

Reconciliation Through Film

Category: Websites / Duration: 5 Weeks / Budget:

Reconciliation Through Film is a British based charity dedicated to exploring the use of visual media as part of community-led peace building initiatives. Led by Chris Langdon, I was asked to complete a partially-developed website based on the Wix platform.

  • Website strategy, design and build
  • Maximum utilisation of advanced Wix structures
  • Content strategy and placement for best UI
  • Website palette and styling

Makeup By Aina M

Category: Websites / Duration: 8 Weeks / Budget:

Aina McCallum is a certified makeup artist professionally trained at the Academy of Freelance Makeup AOFM in London Soho. She required a website to replace her existing Wix setup to take her freelancing to the next level.

  • Full website design, build and branding
  • Logo design
  • Built on Bootstrap v3
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • SEO ready

Independent AE

Category: Websites / Duration: 2 Months / Budget:

Independent.ae is a multi-platform online news publication and educational resource focusing on the wider Middle Eastern region. They required an online magazine website to publish articles with an integrated Content-Management System.

  • Based on a commercial WordPress theme
  • Website branding, styling and theme configuration
  • Custom modules, pages and extensions built using PHP

Thinking The Unthinkable

Category: Websites / Duration: Ongoing / Budget:

Ex-BBC news presenter Nik Gowing, and ex-Managing Director of Oxford Research Group Chris Langdon required a website for a project launched in 2016. Thinking The Unthinkable is an inquiry that began as part of the Churchill15 Programme. It has since developed its own dynamic.

  • Bespoke web development, built to specification on the Bootstrap Framework
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Custom post-types for Authors, Testimonials and Comments
  • SEO optimised
  • Fully mobile-responsive
  • Website palette, branding and graphic design